Commercial scaffolding on old farm house in St Cleer, Cornwall

Contract Name: St Cleer Farmhouse
Value: £10k
Date of Project: October 2020
Customer: Gilpin Envrionmental

We constructed a scaffold birdcage with over 600 scaffold boards inside an old chicken farmhouse in St Cleer.

Commercial scaffolding by Hewaswater Commercial Scaffolding Services in Grampound, Cornwall

Contract Name: St Nuns Church, Grampound
Value: £4k
Date of Project: September – December 2020
Customer: Rothwell Historical Restoration

Commercial Scaffolding by Hewaswater Scaffolding Plymouth, Devon

Contract Name: Mayflower Water Treatment Works
Value: £7.2k
Date of Project: 10/07/2020
Customer: Sungift Solar

Commercial Scaffolding by Hewaswater Scaffolding Doubletrees, Cornwall

Contract Name: School in Doubletrees, Cornwall
Value: £12.5k
Date of Project: July 2020
Customer: Special school in Doubletrees

We recently completed a job on a special needs school in Doubletrees. This had to be done whilst working closely with the tenants who had children in care at the time and had special time frames which we had to work around.

Commercial scaffolding by Hewaswater Commercial Scaffolding Services Cornwall

Contract Name: Street scaffolding in Looe
Value: £10k
Date of Project: early 2020
Customer: Black Swan Public House

The works here involved a street permit along with designs for going over the joining shop roofs.

Commercial scaffolding by Hewaswater Commercial Scaffolding Services Devon

Contract Name: Swimming pool/Leisure centre in Tavistock, Devon
Value: £34k
Date of Project: December 2019
Customer: Devon Contractors

We completed this job in Tavistock for Devon Contractors – this had to be done at night time over the swimming pool which was still being used during the day. This was spanned over the pool area and water slide to install new trusses within the extension

Commercial Scaffolding by Hewaswater Scaffolding St Austell, Cornwall

Contract Name: Charlestown Chapel
Value: £9.6k
Date of Project: October 2019
Customer: Broad Developers

This was completed on a restoration to an old church in Charlestown for Broad Developers. This had difficulties on the works as it is a listed building and also overhead wires


Contract Name: Physics Building, Exeter University.
Value: £100k
Date of Project: Summer 2018
Customer: Morgan Sindall

Design scaffold to external perimeter of the physics building, Exeter to take 4 no mast climber units to all elevations. Scaffold also had to bridge over a busy access road with a basement beneath where scaffold could only bear down onto existing party walls. We also had to be very aware of all shrubbery and trees within the vicinity as many rare and endangered species were in place around the area to be scaffolded.


Contract Name: Heathcoat Fabrics, Tiverton
Value: £75k
Date of Project: Spring 2018
Customer: Devon Contractors

Another difficult design scaffold to form a birdcage type scaffold constructed up of an existing dog tooth roof with over 1500 boards on it to give access to the new roof structure being erected above whilst acting as a safety crash deck to the live factory below. Within our design we also had to incorporate a protective temporary roof system over a large piece of equipment that had to be kept dry at all times.


Contract Name: Torquay Academy
Value: £35k
Date of Project: Spring 2018
Customer: Morgan Sindall

Fully boarded scaffold to external envelope of a busy live school . Erected initially for steel frame erection then subsequently adapted for various external finishes including steel panels, glass, and brickwork.


Contract Name: Millwood House
Value: £6700
Date of Project: 2015
Customer: Low Carbon Exchange

This contract was for edge protection and a staircase access for installing the Solar Panels to the main roof. The building and car park were live during the installation, so extra precautions were used to protect the public as we erected and dismantled the scaffolding. The job was completed on time and the client was delighted.


Contract Name: Ilfracombe Academy
Value: N/A
Date of Project: 2016
Customer: BAM

This high profile project required a high level guard rails to provide safe roof edge protection. The guardrails running for approximately 180m were designed as per TG20:13 Access to the roof was provided using Universal staircases contained within traditional tube & fitting towers.

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